Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Juelz Santana Talks About Camron,Peedi Crakk,T.I.

Real Talk NY gets it in with Juelz

T.I released on Bail, Interviews.

TopGear: Bugatti Veyron versus Eurofighter Typhoon

This is a dope drag race fighter jet vs one of the fastest cars in the world.
a must see. its a close one

Master P and Silk still suck

I think this is brand new, but if it isn't they still suck.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Jorge Masvidal (MMA fighter) vs Ray (Kimbo-protége)

Part 1

Part 2 rematch

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Owl Spotting, NYPD Camera's and the Steel Ring

Many of you have heard or already know that New York is a Police State. Camera's have been installed in every Borough and we are being watched at all times. Bloomberg announced the ring of steel, a camera system developed to constantly have visibility of criminals and those wanted for prior crimes. Face recognition is in full affect, so clear up those warrants. The NYPD has even gone as far as spying on us thru Bronze Owl's they install on rooftops. I have located 4 so far, 2 are located on South 2nd and Havemeyer in Williamsburg. The birds are perched on top of the corner red building. The third is located towards the end of the Myrtle Platform on the J and M Lines. walk to the back of the queens bound station. Then look up at the tire fix shop thats been closed 20 years, and Bam Bam Bam there it is staring at you. The forth is on Hale Ave, Located between Fulton and Ridgewood. I will be posting pics of them and there locations. Till Big Brother is watching so watch how you move.

Fat Joe Signs New Sucker To Terror Squad

He's at it again, he found a new chump to rob. Come on don't be mad I'm just speaking the truth. Joe is a big man, really big, so he has to eat even off other people's plates. Joe has barely stayed afloat in the Hip Hop game and has become a true parasite. Sucking his artists dry for all they have. Not sure if Khaled is getting bitched like this, I'd say hell yeah he's getting bitched. It happened to Pun, Cuban Link, Tony Sunshine, and last but not least Remi Martin. The new artist will be released on Koch. Koch has a well respected business moto, but with Fat Joe around you know the money is going to leak out of some mysterious hole into his pockets. Joe do you, you suck at rapping, so I can see why your a snake. Peace Joey Crack, maybe hustling is where you'll end up again.

Racist attacks, tying a noose in Black areas everywhere

It seems like this racist shit is happening everywhere. Noose's are being tied up in Black areas around the United States. Is this a coincidence, or a mass attack by some white supremicist group. If you catch one of these people tying a noose, throw him a beat down, tie him up after you stripped them of all clothes and money. Show them Blacks and Latino's will fight back.

Drag On is Back,,, Word.. hmmm who really Cares

Hey Drag on good luck on your return, I'm a say you fail and fall off again. I'm gonna say, you had maybe one hot track. You rode off DMX's back, and the style is done in the new era. So if you succeed, then I'll eat my words. Poor Swiss stuck in the Ruff Ryder glory days. Swiss still makes sick beats, but Cassidy is about the only Full Surface Artist I respect.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Yo, You Know What I Just Heard...

This is the post where I just randomly run down rumors and drama in Hip Hop.

The PowerHouse Concert
The PowerHouse Concert was filled with many of today's best mcees. The show was dope and the energy was damn near chaotic. Like most Hip Hop events tempers flared and shit was said and beef was seconds from popping off. 50 cent still mad off the ass whipping Kanye gave him started to diss West on stage. He was seen wearing white shades and mocking Kanye to the Stronger Instrumental. Word is that Cassidy and Gillie Da Kid almost came to blows. If they battle Cassidy will end his career.
back down Gillie, Back down, you seen to go at bigger dogs to uplift and promote your name. Hey, it works for 50, But Gillie you aint 50. Back to the 50 and West beef, later in the night Kanye came out on stage and said "Aren't ya'll tired of fake ass rappers". As for Big Brother he shitted on Lil Bro again, how? JayZ didnt show up to perform with West. He was to busy promoting American Gangster in Harlem.

50 Cent
This guy, boy he knows how to get free publicisty. This time they are saying 50 lost controll and slapped up his co-star on his next movie. Damn, he just has to flex his machismo. Frank John Hughes is the alledged victim of the 50 beat down. Damn, John keep your head up and your mouth shut.

Mos Def and Many More defend the Jena 6

If you havent heard about this, It's time to move out from under the rock. That of get yourself evaluated. This case has been splitting Whites and Blacks apart. This case shows the inequality still alive in America today. Mos Def, Tyler Perry, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and many more are helping defend these youngmen. It's unfortunate that this still exists in 2007.

T.I Pleads Not Guilty, and is Denied Bail

T.I has pleaded guilty on the gun charges recently brought against him. He was also denied bail, I guess they think T.I.P is going to make a run for it. However, he is still in the studio working on tracks. He recently recorded with Tweet and the song should be out soon. Everyones expecting a big performances from this guy once American Gangsta Drops. Tell then Keep ya Head Up!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Saigon Vs Mobb Deep

Track Stars not Gangsta Rappers.

Dr.Sex is Back

This shit is hilarious....

Friday, October 19, 2007

Spitting Hate,

These cats spit hate around New York all the time. I say a big fuck you to all of them. Crowding our corners, threatening violence on non blacks. Now I do see some of the points they make, and can agree with some. But damn, I just want to punch someone in the face when the scream hate at me. Hey, Cracker, White Devil, that shit burns me. Im Puerto Rican, my mom is as dark as you Isrealites, yeah dont realize how stupid it makes you sound. If a race war broke out I'm fighting for Blacks and Latinos, but I do think twice. WHEN I WALK BY THIS CATS AND GET CALLED THE ENEMY....

Rep. Pete Starks speaks out for Children Health Care

He goes in on the President, gangsta, speak your mind homie.

Random Model falling thru a hole on the runway

They Say no matter what happens the show must go on. I guess if you fall in a hole, its ok to run off the stage.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Mets Crumple and Die at the End..

This is the face of shame,, oh wait, he is covering and hanging his head in shame. I have been a mets fan my entire life, 29 miserable years.. of loses, setbacks, and upsets. Ah, I wish its was 1986. But its not, and these Mets fucking suck. They did great but just couldnt finish it out. Losers, I guess I should be like most New Yorkers and throw on the Pinstrips. After this year The Amazingly Terrible Mets can eat a dick and die. But I guess I'll still suffer with those shitty Knicks, and Giants. Its sucks to be a New York Sports fan.

Pavlik Defeats Taylor

In a stunning upset... Pavlik knocked out Jermaine Taylor in the 7th round. After being knocked to the canvas in the 2nd Round, Pavlik came back determined and stripped the champ of his belt... wait for the rematch... I say he wins again


per bianca request

Street World... New Graff Book

This book is pretty dope, with good flicks of various artists and various cities...

by that shit at amazon or your nearest barnes and nobles bitches..
I been in a fucked up mood lately.. dont mind me...