Monday, June 30, 2008

Hello Williamsburg, Today I Present The Hipster Olympics 08

Its All About Jay Today, hahahah... 38 mins of his Performance at Glastonbury

Tim Westwood Interviewing Jay Z

I was wondering about the sunglasses, jay gets a chance to explain

JayZ interview on Jonathan Rose

Tyga Clears Up The Story about his Stolen Chain


Dolla Knocksout 2 Pistols... LMAO

Prodigy Responds To Max B...

We also heard Un Pacino Knocked Max out at the T.O.S GUnit album release party

Bye Miss Jones, Hot 97 Brings in Big Boi and Paul Rosenberg

Thats it say good bye to Miss Jones in the Morning, I actually liked the show. She is being Replaced by Paul Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds at 5am and Big Boi right after

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Amy CrackHouse at Glastonbury Festival.. Disses Kanye

it doest get more cracked out than this,

Obie Trice... The Giant... No Longer On Shady Records

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Asher Roth meets Akon

Diddy and Lil Wayne... speak Hip Hop

some one owes me money for using my mantra "YOU SLEEP WHEN YOU DIE BITCHESSSS"

Shaq dissing Kobe, freestyling about bullshit

This is funny, but Shaq is garbage, you cant compare yourself to Kareem, you cant even hit a free throw bitch.

Soulja Boy Responds To Ice T Again

now Soulja boy is going to far, you do suck lyrically, and Ice T is an O.G. Dont get slapped up, T was wrong for his comments. But now your pushing it.

Monday, June 23, 2008

50 Cent Interview with Angie Martinez

Nicki Minaj Interview

Puffy says, Lil Wayne Is One of the Greatest Of All Time

Tim Westwood Interviews TPain

Jim Jones & Byrd Gang Interview Dissing Jay Z, Max B More

Young Chris Interview RocNation

Nas Interview with Angie Martinez

George Carlin Rest In Peace

This man was fucking hilarious, I still remember seeing him on his first HBO Special...
He will be missed...

Ice T Responds to Soulja Boy

Friday, June 20, 2008

Freekey Zekey Airs Out Max B

Jim Jones responds to Max B (Tech and Macs)

50 Cent Cocaine City

Starbucks, Young Buck and GrindHardTV

Peep this video, Buck looking real broke, damn, 50 shitted on this nigga hard.
I still fuck with Young,
He dont even have a chain on....
looks like me, running around my hood... lol

Soulja Boy Responds To Ice T

Damn, I might have to agree with Soulja Boy, damn, Ice T... This youngn might have sonned you...

The Taped Conversation btw 50 and Buck

damn, this is getting ugly,
Buck its just not looking good

click here

Two Men Arrested for the Murder of T.I childhood Friend

A lot of people are saying T.I snitched to get away from facing jail time. There is no concrete proof but i'm sure the haters will run with this story. So I had to mention the ironic fact that these two men were finally apprehended after two years. It is what it is, and it is all speculation.

more info click here

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lil Wayne moves 1 million Units

Now ya have to bow down, officially, Lil Wayne has proven he is the best rapper out right now. Even after being leaked and having 1 million people download his shit for free he still out sold everyone else. So imagine if the shit hadn't been leaked, he would have moved close to 1.5 easy. If you didnt buy it go get it. He is not like you, He is a martian.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Gunit and Freekey Zekey in the P.R Parade

50 cnets baby mama talks about the firw

R. Kelly - Not Guilty

Kells walks away with a huge win, not guilty is the verdict and he walks a free man.
what can we say, he's not guilty, we love it.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Video City, feat DJ Ace Of Spades

Monday, June 9, 2008

Bishop Lamont exposes Dj Strong

Maino talks about ending Gravy's career

JayZ "A Billi" feat: Lil Wayne

40 Glocc jakes Tyga's chain, holds it for ransom

Dj Greg Street disses Jermaine Dupree

New Saigon Shit, peep

Absolute Freestyle

Emporer Chi feat Saigon and Joel Ortiz

Mosh Jelton Vs Jonny Storm Battle

part 1

part 2

Jermaine Dupre says the DJ is Dead

Kanye West, The Game, Charles Hamilton Freestyle

Diddy or Puff Daddy speaks about Barak Obama

Peedi Crakk announces Camel Face Hunting Season

Fox makes bullshit claims about Obama's fist bump...

Fuck Fox for even running this, because they are trying to fuck up his run.
This is bullshit, fuck fox.

T.I inks a Three Picture Deal

Your boy T.I will be in Three Movies, now that he inked a deal with Screen Gems.

Lil Wayne's first movie Hurricane Season

Wayne is acting in his first movie named Hurricane Season, and one of his songs on The Carter III is the main theme song. He acts along Forest Whitaker, Isaiah Washington, Taraji Henson and rapper Bow Wow. Wayne is stated as saying he is happy a positive movie is being made about New Orleans. We wish Wayne good luck in his first major role, and want you the readers to buy his new album. Fuck the free downloads, support your favorite rapper fo real.

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Rick The Boss Ross and Foxy Brown

It is confirmed by sources close to both these emcee's that they are dating and in love. They are reportedly working on a albume together. Rick Ross is having a real good year in 08, keep doing ya thing Playboy.

Charges Against Warren G Dropped

Warren G was arrested for possession of Marijuana, but beat the case due to lack of evidence. The car was not registered to him or the passenger. I wish I got that type of special treatment when I caught my case for sitting in the wrong car at the wrong time.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

OBAMA DOES IT, Takes the Democratic Nomination for President

Congrats, Obama is still on his path to becoming the first African American President in this Countries History.
Hilary would make a hell of a Vice President. Lets go Obama pick her up....

DJ Chuck T responds to Lil Wayne and the Carter III Leak

Gunit on 106 and Park w Rocsi after the diss

Mike Pratt gets at Lil Wayne and DJ Drama

Fight, Fight, Fight, Student Vs Teacher

Bow Wow Beats Weezy in a Dice Game

Fergie would Be Proud...

This young lady was so excited to be at summer jam, she decide not to leave her seat for anything.

More Summer Jam Pics

Kardinal Official and Akon

DJ Enuf


Summer Jam....

It was the shizznnnittt... to say the least. Alicia Keyes brought out Raekwon, Ghostface, and Method Man. The crowd went bananas. DBlock brought out LL Cool Jay, that was unexpected. Tpain rocked with Ricky Ross, DJ Khaled, Ace, Akon, Lil Wayne, and Kanye. Lil Wayne stole the show with his performance of Pussy Monster. Kanye showed us Hip Hop on the next level with a stage show of Hoes and Flashing Lights. At one point he missed up the first verse of flashing lights and hit us with a free style. He wasn't the only one to mess up a lil. Wayne forgot some lyrics to the A milli song. Public Enemy did the fucking thing, and Jim Jones made a surprise appearance at the end.

Buck Shot, and Max B killed the stage at the Summer Jam Festival....
I'll be there next year again...

50 cents baby Mama Drama

As you all know the House is baby Mama lived in was burned down just a few days ago... Alot of people are pointing fingers at 50 cent. Did he do it? I dont know. But this is a crazy story, and not to mention they found a gasoline container in the area of the house. More to come on this lil tale of drama. I dont think 50 would do this, it is a dumb move and out of character. I'm sure the safety of his son comes first to him.