Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fox Is Nothing More Than a Machine For Propaganda

Byrd Gang Spits in the Booth 106 & Park

Jim Jones ran off the mic,
second dude wants to be jayz...

Jim Jones & Byrd Gang Interview 106 & Park

Uncle Murda arrested for filming a video

Monday, July 28, 2008

DaCypha TV episode 3 and 4

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Game and Lil Wayne "My Life"

Miss Nana goes in on Lil Mama - A Millie Beat

quality's not to great, but she goes in, some dope lyrics...

Friday, July 25, 2008

Joel Ortiz - "Letter To Obama" Real Hip Hop, WHAT

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Rest In Peace DJ K Swift

Rick Ross Gets Exposed, By The Smoking Gun

He denied all the reports and the picture of him as a C.O in Florida, but now the truth comes to light. He told allhiphop.com that his life was 100% real. Dayum, its not even a big deal, but why lie and make it worse. check out the full report from the smoking gun
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Mac Minister Found Guilty...

Andre Dow aka Mac Minister was found Guilty for the murders of Fat Tone Watkins and Jermaine "Cowboy" Atkins.
He is expected to serve 25 to life.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Nas Feat: The Game "Hustlers"

Busta Rhymes - New Music "Throw It Up" feat Lil Wayne and ludacris

Busta Rhymes - New Music "I Got Bass"

Clean Train Movement, Its Coming Back Bitches

Tats Cru Does it Huge again, painted mural for Lord and Taylor

The Legendary Tats Cru has painted a mural for Lord and Taylor, for more information
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Gym Class Heroes and Busta Rhymes

Terminator 4 Bitches

Shawty Lo Responds to Rumors

Jim Jones VS Kanye West

Ice Cube Interview speaks about Barak Obama and Fifty Cent

Hell Rell disses Red Cafe

Lil Scrappy stabbed and currently in custody

Lil Scrappy was stabbed during an altercation in Atlanta, he was then arrested for various charges ( possession of an illegal firearm, possession of marijuana and more). More infor coming soon, but damn you get stabbed will packing a rachet that i crazy.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Graffiti Shout Outs...

Ya Know I do this once in a while, its my favorite part of the Hip Hop Culture. More Favorite than Rapping, lol
Smart Crew has been putting in work for a while now, here is a hi light of a crew that is crushing....
Keep up the Good Work... The mowed grass is visible from space...

Fat Joe Kill All Rats Alert, new music

The Clipse, The Re Up Gang is Back "Fast Life" New music

Prodigy "Illuminati" new video

David Banner runs for Secretary of HomeLand Security

Young Buck VS Tony YaYo.. PPV Fight

is it going down, most likely not, but both rappers have confirmed a willingness to make it happen.
Fuck, all the WWF tactics, we might as well get a good knuckle up out of it....
lets see if it really happens, word is promoters are already trying to find a way to make it pop off.
lets hope so....

Shawty Lo Gets Beat Down.. Is It True

The Internet and the world of Hip Hop is buzzing with the news that someone named Meatball beat up Shawty Lo. It is supposed to have gone down on Saturday at Club Crucial. That Club is said to be owned by T.I, and Shawty showed up with his boys around 2 am. The said Meatball get at Shawty Lo while T.I's new song "What Up" was playing. Speculations....

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Rick Ross Disses Trick Daddy, Video

Nas's Untitled Album In Stores TODAY

Go Get That, Why,
Cause you will not regret it... Lyrical Heavy weight...
Ya Like The Throw Back Pic...

KRS ONE endorses Kevin Powell

The blast master took time out of his Brooklyn Bodega Festival Performance to endorse Kevin Powell.

Women in a Fight loses her finger tip

thats nuts, and its true read the story...
mike Tyson influenced a generation of biters
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Monday, July 14, 2008

T.I Responds to Shawty Lo

Here it is, ya chance to listen to T.I respond to Shawty Lo
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Jim Jones VS Kanye West

Jim Jones has made several comments about Kanye West wearing tight jeans and being a cry baby. He said Ye was borderline homo, because of the clothes he wears. Kanye has yet to answer Jim, lets see where this one goes. But I say this is a perfect example of the pot calling the kettle black. I think Jim Jones rocks a lot of questionable gear, he is a lot of metro sexual himself.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Max B responds to Freekey Zekey, talks about fucking Jims wife

Apple Iphone 3g Comes Out Tomorrow

apple iphone 3g

Nas "Untitled" Album Cover

Nas is set to release a classic album, again on the Hip Hop masses... If you bought Wayne's album, go buy Nas, a lot of the tracks are thought provoking, and simply filled with illmatic lyrics...

look at the cover, it speaks for its self.

Nas, New, Black President

New Nas, Hero,

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Busta Rhymes Dropped By Interscope?

Is it true, not sure rumors are circulating
His album release date has been pushed back indefinitely

Killer Mike and Ice Cube "Pressure"

Rock Steady Crew Anniversary

Celebation will be held between July 24th and the 27th

50 Cent Sued for 50 Million

The Baby Mama Drama gets deeper, she wants 50 to pay 50 million dollars in damages.... dayum.....

Stick it Up Your Ass, Gallagher

look at his hair... lol
Now you want to retract, huh....
Diddy said it best... No BitchAssNess...
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Eminem is Being Sued, For Punching a man

Yup, He is being sued for beating some guy up at in a bathroom, at a strip club in Detroit.
The guy only asked for 25,000, eminem must be happy, he'll probably just settle.
If I was a millionaire, I would go around punching mad people, if it only costed 25,000.
LOL, what a dick....

Mini Me Sex Tape... Interview view with the Co-Star

I have to redirect you guys, to the king of blogging, or is he the Queen...
anyway, Perez Hilton, had this info on his site...
I am a fan, I can not lie, I read it...

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I take you to TMZ for the video
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Crystal Skulls are Fake, all of a sudden

It bugs me out that test where run on these and they were proving to be legit.
now all of a sudden they are fake, hmmmm
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