Monday, June 22, 2009

Sneaker Pimps comes to New York - 6-15-09

The Tainos

Christopher Columbus is not my hero

50 on Hot 97 rocking the Frank 151 hat

Behind the Scenes of a SlaughterHouse Video shoot

Perez Hilton attacked by the Black Eyed Peas

Wow, so Will I am thinks he's a gangster now, he has taken to beating up bloggers.
Well not just any blogger, But Perez Hilton...
sorry buddy you and your manager dont get any points for beating up Perez Hilton.
As a matter of fact you get points deducted.

Listen to Perez call Will i am a Faget... this is a classic blogger moment for you folks
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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rest In Peace IZ THE WIZ

Yesterday we lost a true Living Legend IZ THE WIZ
One of the graff writers that inspired me to go out there and paint the city.
Moment of silence for a man that took the game to new heights

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Two Stabbed and One Shot in NYC

Gang members looking to avenge the shooting of a drug dealer stabbed two men - one fatally - in a Manhattan apartment building lobby Monday, police sources said.
Investigators believe five men were waiting in parked cars outside the E. 26th St. building and jumped their victims when they stepped into the lobby just before 9:30 a.m., police said.
Jason Black, 30, and an 18-year-old man each suffered several stab wounds to their chests and faces, police said.
The teenager - whose name was not released - died a short time later, while Black is listed in critical condition at Bellevue Hospital.
"I moved here from Missouri yesterday," said Hannah Robbins, 21, who lives a block away. "I didn't expect to step outside on my first morning here and see someone almost dead."
The stabbing was in retaliation for a 4 a.m. shooting outside Pacha, a W. 46th St. nightclub, police sources said. Suspected drug dealer Michael Slater was shot in the abdomen and is listed in stable condition at Bellevue.
Investigators believe he was shot as part of an ongoing fight between Black and the brother of rapper Tru Life, a budding hip-hop star, police sources said.
No arrests have been made in either incident.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Tupac, Rest In Peace

Puerto Rican Day Parade 2009

Lakers Fans Riot and Loot after win

Def Jam 25th Anniversary at Brooklyn Sneaker Box

The End Is Near, Summer Hailstorm in New Jersey

DJ Webstar talks about hating old rappers

C Rayz Walz, Sonny Bamboo, and More

Wu Tang "Ill Figures"

Wu Tang "Harbor Masters"

Sticky Fingaz Shoots His Friend

Apparently Sticky was showing off his new desert eagle, and he accidentally shot Luce Cannon in the shin.
Luce Cannon's shin was shattered by the gunshot and he is now recovering from the incident.

Young Jeezy - Lebron/ Kobe - Gucci Mane/ OJ Da Juiceman Diss

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hector Lavoe - Periodico De Ayer

One of my favorite songs of all time,

Que Bonita Bandera

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Maino Feat Chris Brown "Dont Be Scared"

This is just a bad decision on Chris Brown's part, or did Maino just make this without Chris's permissions. Sounds like he just looped his voice. Either way, we are laughing at Chris Brown, we are all laughing at you. Fire your publicist, manager, basically the whole team cause they are giving you bad advice.
Listen Here

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Save Coney Island

New York is losing its soul

Nipsey Hustle on Amadu's Corner

Action Bronson "The Come Up" Freestyle

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

DaCypha Radio 15 Hosted By Mr.13 and Natalio Tabaco

Max B found Guilty

This just in Max B has been found guilty of his involvement in his murder and robbery case. He was convicted on 9 out of the 11 charges brought against him. He faces up to 25 years in prison. Legacy's offer still stands call us for that interview.

DJ Red Alert and Renny Rugah

Flex at Summer Jam

EOW on B.E.T The Deal

Miss Info Summer Jam Updates

Kosha Dillz wins Summer Jam Battle

Shouts to Kosha Dillz for taking the title...

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Transformers Return of the Fallen

Kids in the Hall On Dj Delz TV

Monday, June 8, 2009

Teamworks No Proposal TV

NoPropsal.Tv/TeamWorks_Summer from TeamWorks on Vimeo.

Shouts to Teamsworks,

Sunday, June 7, 2009

AALikes "Explode" New Video

A-Alikes- Explode (Music Video) from Public Wizard on Vimeo.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Big Truck goes in on Busta Rhymes

Cassidy smashed Amber Rose and dissed Kanye West

lol, this is funny stuff to hear.

Heres a few lines from cassidy

“I fucked ya girl on D low, cause I’m that ***** and I got a bigger ego. For free yo, I let her climb on the tree yo. now she with me yo, so adios amigo. No you ain’t big as me yo. So when I hit , she said my dick too big, fat, wide, and thick. What I was born with is enormous, when I try to fit, she holler like you got a big ego, AGH SHIT! And that’s why she on my dick, cause I got a huge ego, I’m a hero. I save the day, it’s L-O-V-E yo, she never felt that way ’till she started fucking with me yo. I took her from you like D-bo, cause your ass always had her going to bed mad like Ne-Yo.

and here's a different track of him getting at Mr.West and Lil Wayne.

Eminem and JayZ perform renegaded live in L.A

thanks Rap Radar for having the best quality video

Joe Buddens responds to Busta, Meth, Red, and Melle Mel

Eminem Robbed

Someone broke into Em's hotel and to 60k worth of jewelry. damn

Lakers Vs Magic tonight NBA Finals

I want the Lakers to win this,
But Superman and the Magic have been upsetting teams all year.

This has been a great playoffs.

Obama gives speech in Cairo

Click video to follow links for the full speech

Rip David Carradine

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Jadakiss and Camron joint tour

Both are planning to perform at mid sized venues together. Both have recently dropped album, and they are currently working on a project together.

Monday, June 1, 2009

DaCypha Radio 14 hosted By Legacy Starr and Mr.13 feat Natalio Tabaco and Steve

Good times in the studio, listen in for the bloopers and the people we put on Blast
like Fab 5 Freddy