Sunday, August 30, 2009

M.O.P interview with Industry muscle

Raekwon Performing Catalina and House of Flying Daggers

Kardinal Official Vs Drake (forever song)

It appears both artists paid for the track and the hook, so who's to blame. I dont know, lets see what comes of this


Im a little late on this but I was enjoying my weekend when the word came in. It's crazy to find this out since he just survived a plane crash. Reminds me sort of Final Destination... But if you play with fire you get burned. Dont do drugs, maybe just weed, and mushrooms...

Run DMC and JMJ Way

Find more videos like this on : IF IT'S HOT IT'S HERE!

Run DMC was honored by Queens and the city of New York by having a street named after them. To me this is a huge accomplishment for Hip Hop, I wonder if the Bronx will follow suit and get a KRS ONE street or a BIG Pun Avenue. How about we change the corner Big chilled on to Christopher Wallace St or Notorious B.I.G Avenue, maybe Biggie street and Smalls avenue. Lets add another one in uptown for Big L. Maybe will get a part of Sunset strip dedicated to Pac,

Marijuana growing operation burned down in S.F fires

Firefighters in San Francisco were fighting a blaze that burned down 5 factories. One which was filled with plants of marijuana, it is unknown if it was medicinal pot or an illegal operation. I wonder if anyone caught contact, lets us know if you live in the area.
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Friday, August 28, 2009

Rebecca Gayheart Nude Tape

My alter ego's name is Nina...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rockin The Planet

Saigon - Gotta Believe It Video

man, I know that block very well... lol

E.O.W 9th Anniversary

Next Saturday come down and celebrate the 9th Anniversary of New York illest open mic.
Party will take place at East River park right off Grand St.
More information on the flyer
click here to rsvp

Gage DTF Funk Flex Car Show in CT

Hood Night

The beginning of this is pretty funny, lmao,
I actually like the song,

Tonights Gonna Be A Hood NIGHT

Soulja Boy Successful

I'll give him credit for trying, but he is still not a good rapper.
The delivery is weak, lyrics subpar.

Camron, Vado, Charlie Clips - Always Strapped

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

FatBeats 15 year anniversary

Shouts to Fatbeats, 15 years strong in the game.
Many classic cypha's have gone down in front of fatbeats.

Fabolous at Santos

Tom Hardy "Rap Money" feat Young Chris, Freeway

Foxy Brown talks about Reality TV Show, Album, Book, and Rick Ross Engagement

Didnt even know she was dropping a tell all book, Foxy Brown is trying to make a comeback.
She says she is engaged to Rick Ross and plans to release another album and star in a Reality TV Show on B.E.T

Fabolous Interview with All Access DVD

Young Hustla "Bloc Hustla" Dipset West

You know I try to get information on everything, so here is more dipset west shit.
This is more like what I like to hear, the samples are dope

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Nipsey Hussle on All Access DVD

I keep hearing he looks like Snoop, he looks like Prodigy, Maybe. But he does have a few dope tracks I've heard and played on DaCypha Radio. Keep checking for the kid.

R.I.P Ted Kennedy

The Youngest Brother of The Kennedy's died today of brain cancer. Ted Kennedy championed health care reform and was named "the liberal lion of the senate". He was left to carry on the legacy of his brothers after their assassinations. Today we mourn what may be the last of a political dynasty.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Younity End Of Summer Markit this Saturday

This Saturday August 29th, 2009 at Our Lady of Sorrows in L.E.S Younity will host a market selling various handmade goods, tshirts, street art and more.
The event starts at 12am and ends at 6pm expected artists and guests include TooFly, Inks, A Charles, The Peralta Project, Goodwood, Tough Love NYC, Ivette Urbanez, and more.
For more info check

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jay Z and Beyonce attacked by Paparazzi

Looks more like the Bodyguard got attacked...

Nick Cannon responds to Eminem

Not sure if this is really Nick Cannon, but its a wack attempt at dissing Eminem,
should of dropped more verses, not just one minute... again if it is Nick, this is not who you defend your wife

50 Cent pushes back Release Date of B.I.S.D

Thats right 50 is pushing back his release date again. Not sure if JayZ's album had anything to do with it, but he wont drop on Sept 11th like expected. It looks like he is waiting for two weeks after to let the smoke clear a little bit.

2 People shot at Fabolous Show

Two people shot at a Fabolous show in Allentown, Pa.
Click here for the story

Ninja Sonik, - Tight Pants

At first I was like these guys really suck, pause...
but then I went to a show and they destroyed it...
The crowd was going crazy..
they have other songs that are dope...
they just dont give a fuck what you think or I anyway...
stay tuned for more updates on NinjaSonik
they are an original squad doing it a different way
You still will never catch me in tight jeans...

Will Smiff Dogg

Where has this guy been hiding, under a rock,
Has he heard of Will Smith,

D.O.A Video

Death of Autotunes, and Death of the Bling Era,
Jay blows up the chains and is not wearing any either...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Plaxico sentenced to two years in jail

Thats a bit harsh, considering other athlete's of a different color have received slaps on the wrist for far worse crimes.
We hope he can appeal this and get a different outcome.

Happy 50th Anniversary for Hawaii

50 years ago, Hawaii officially became a state, no other state can compare to the beauty of Hawaii.

Working out to Generate Energy

A new program at the University of Kansas, has students generating power while working out.
As students workout energy is produced and sent into an inverter box. The school is attempting to go green while cutting cost on electricity. this is an interesting concept that can be applied to homes, and can help people stay in shape. You want more energy exercise more.

Detox center treats internet addiction

People have issues, wait, this sounds like me.

Poleriders, Strippers on the subway

I haven't had the pleasure of getting a show from any of the ladies featured, but damn what lines do they frequent. Just kidding, this is a crazy video about nudity on the train and streets of New York.

Anonymous Bloggers Outted

Read this story about Pittgirl

Krs One starts a The Religion of HIp Hop

Krs One is going to release a new book "The Gospel Of Hip Hop" and he claims it's going to start a new religion.
The Teacha is definitely stirring up controversy, it's good to see someone challenging the mainframe of the world.

Omarion signs with Young Money, then gets dropped by Young Money

Omarion has confirmed that he is no longer with Young Money, but he is singing a different tune. He denies being dropped by the label and said he asked to be released. He also denies leaking the song "I Get It In" a collaboration with Lil Wayne. Omarion is preparing for the release of his new album Ollusion.

Kelis wants more money

After receiving a judgement of 44,000 per month in child support, Kelis wants an increase. 400,000 more per year is what Nas's lawyer is reporting. The judgement will be reviewed in September, check back then for the final tally.

M.O.P Underground Hip Hop Award

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Download DaCypha Vol. 1

Track Listing
1 Intro Beat Street
2 Fuck Outta Here - Memberz Only
3 Welcome 2 My Life - Gage
4 Say You Will - Ghostwridah
5 Da Realest - Action Bronson
6 Never Go Back - Max B
7 Dreams - J Cole
8 Sunshine - Legacy Starr
9 Return of The Assassin - Mr.13
10 Get Along - A Alikes
11 Warning - Eminem Mariah Diss
12 Crack 12/12 58/58 - Squeegie O
13 Shyne Freestyle - Action Bronson

Slaughterhouse at the Canal Room

Richard Hatch back in Jail

Hands Up - Dipset West

I posted this for you Dipset fans, put to me this is disappointing.
beat is dope
Hook is fucking annoying as fuck....

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Prep School Negro

Monday, August 17, 2009

Make The Music Vol. 1 Teaser

Check out Dame Grease Rocking the I AM NEW YORK TSHIRT.

DaCypha Radio Vol. 1

Track Listing
1 Intro Beat Street
2 Fuck Outta Here - Memberz Only
3 Welcome 2 My Life - Gage
4 Say You Will - Ghostwridah
5 Da Realest - Action Bronson
6 Never Go Back - Max B
7 Dreams - J Cole
8 Sunshine - Legacy Starr
9 Return of The Assassin - Mr.13
10 Get Along - A Alikes
11 Warning - Eminem Mariah Diss
12 Crack 12/12 58/58 - Squeegie O
13 Shyne Freestyle - Action Bronson

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dipset West

Looks like Cam is expanding

Lil Kim visits Romania

Soulja Boy Brings Out 50 cent

Angie Martinez interviews Slaughterhouse

Friday, August 14, 2009

Kid Capri killing the Highline

Rick Ross surprise appearance at the Highline Ballroom


Rakim killing it at the Highline ballroom

The Original God Emcee

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cops in Texas might be fired due to rap video

The two cops are in trouble for participating in this video. The town of Taft is upset by the lyrical and visual content of this video. Swangn is Texas is illegal, now these two cops are facing termination.

Rakim at the Highline Ballroom

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Graffiti inspired by Michael Jackson

Perseids Meteor Show all Week

This week you can get a glimpse of Meteors hitting the Earth's atmosphere. I will be smoking a blunt under the star and enjoying this event that wont happen again for 100 years. Click here for more info

Murder for ratings in Brazil

A Brazilian TV host (Wallace Souza) is being accused of committing murders to boast ratings.
Click here for the full story

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Joe Buddens invites Rae to a Fight

cats where 6 deep and snuffed Joe.
I dont know, Unless you have a gun, we are fighting
I dont give a fuck about 6 dudes.


you should have thumbed in the room when they snuffed you.

Sara Stokes arrested for stabbing husband

For you peeps that don't remember Sara she was on Making the Band with Diddy. Its been said that she stabbed her husband after a physical altercation. The same husband that tried talking her out of the band, not very supportive. Anyway, she stabbed duke up in front of his kids. Gangsta. By the way she has nice tits...

Jay Z proves he's the greatest Mcee of all time again

This time Jay Z managed to get Rap/ Hip Hop hating Oprah to go on a tour of Marcy. Oprah stated she loves JayZ, he is smart and he smells good. Sounds like she wants a piece of Beyonce man. Jay should hit her off and get her pregnant like in the Dave Chappelle episode. Jay has money but he doesn't have Oprah money. Maybe she'll open up a school in Marcy instead of Africa.

Rest In Peace Scribble Jam

According to organizers this years Scribble Jam is canceled due to lack of sponsorship. It appears the recession is hitting everyone hard.

C Murder Found Guilty

The No Limit soldier was found guilty of a murder stemming from an incident in 2002. As of right now C Murder is expected to face a mandatory life sentence.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Lady GaGa is Lady Guy Guy

It appears Lady Gaga confirmed she is a hermaphrodite, when she spoke with bossip
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The Book Of Eli - Denzel Washington

Jewelry Man Covers Joe Buddens Vs Wu Tang Clan

The Start of The Second American Revolution

Pervin Outta Control - Jay Electronica and Chester Combs