Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Nas Album to Be named "Nigger" release date pushed back

Nas album has been pushed back till February, which is Black history month. This album is set to be one of Hip Hop's most controversial. Nas states he is attempting to reclaim the word and remove the negative imagery associated with the word. A song named "What it is" was leaked on to the net, but Nas stated that was done purposely. He also stated that the song would not make the final cut of songs to be released.

Pitbull's New Album The Boatlift

It has debuted at number 1 on myspace, with over 400,000 plays in one day. The album is called the Boatlift and is scheduled out tomorrow. Pitbull is not the best mcee lyrically, but he can get the party off and running. I'm sure he'll have a few club bangers on this one.

The Birdman Arrested in Tenn

Baby was arrested in Tennessee, by Cpl. Horne who recovered a pound of marijuana in a trash can inside the RV, in addition to an assault rifle, a handgun and a clip for a .45 caliber handgun as well.

Inked Nation website for Tattoo Artists and Fans

Check out this site, it has all types of shit about tattoo's. Below is my profile, click it, check it, join, and add me. If not, just hit me up for a tattoo.

New shop opening up this week at Ozone Park
Ozone Ink
111-35 Lefferts Blvd
Queens, New York.
Check me out on InkedNation!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Busta Rhymes The Aftermath Studio Sessions

Part 1

Part 2

Snoop Dog Feat The Doors

This is not new at all, but I just had to share.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Jadakiss Signs to Roc A Fella

Throw it up, the Roc is in the Building. First Jay pulled off the Takeover, now he's trying to maintain the reign. Jada recently signed with the Roc and the team looks stronger than ever. Its going to be a good year for Hip Hop.

Timbaland Ft. One Republic

My pick of the month, this is for the Ladies...
Tim is killing the beats

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

JayZ Ties Elvis

Thats right your boy Jigga man just tied Elvis for the most chart topping albums by an artists. They are currently tied at 10 albums a piece, but Jay has the time to pass him and became the G.O.A.T. But the G.O.A.T of more than just Hip Hop. Salute the man he has hit yet another Level in the game. Ya running to slow, How are ya going to catch up.
Here a Lil Blue Magic for you

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Ozone Ink... Opening Soon

Just a lil notice to all ya graff and tattoo fiends. Ozone Ink is coming soon, we will be carrying all the latest shit. Keep checking for more information..

Gage DTF Entertainment

Holding it down for Willie B is my boy Gage, a young upcoming Mcee that spits rapid fire. Ya gotta check this cat out, he and his team are making moves. They currently have a roster of artists and a Internet radio show.
click below for the myspace page with tracks and other info.

Gage and DTF Entertainment

Monday, November 5, 2007

Free 2ease ACC crew

Graff is Not Dead NYC

Mare 139 at the West Coast Graff Show 2007

Queens 5 Pointz Graff Spot

Graff Artist wanted for Murder

Candy Ellen Srichandr a graffiti artist and a stripper, She is currently wanted for murder of another graff artist in L.A . Police are currently searching for her and have had no luck.

Jim Jones Flying High

This dude just signed to Sony Music and is working on various projects. Its crazy to me how he came out on stage with Fiddy. He simply stabbed his boy in the back publicly. But I guess I dont know what want down behind the scenes. But Camron released a statement saying "He wishes Jimmy the best, They ran together for 10 years". But he cant roll with Jimmy being down with Fiddy". In the hood that is frowned on as lack of loyalty. I guess Jimmy follows the money, smart or dumb, he is doing what he has to for that cake.

Shia LaBeouf Arrested At Chicago Drugstore

He was arrested on charges of criminal tresspassing. They stated he was asked to leave a wallgreens and refused. They also claimed he was under the influence of alchol. Damn, you cant walk around drunk anymore, what is this country coming to. I'm sure he will beat this bullshit. Shit, don't slow down the filming of Indiana Jones, we been waiting a lot of years.

American Gangster Tops the Charts this weekend

American Gangster grossed 46.3 Million helping boost the movie Industries rather slow fall season. This movie is about Frank Lucas one of the most well known Gangsters in New York History. What can I say, if you didn't see it, get the fuck off your ass.