Tuesday, September 30, 2008

End Of The World Parody, The Hadron Collider

See more funny videos at Funny or Die

In The Name Of Battle Rap... You Got Knocked the >>>> out

Monday, September 29, 2008

Eness Destroys Mysonne FULL BATTLE

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mexicans packing up and leaving the U.S

Is our economy that bad, i guess so, cause I know a lot of people looking for jobs and even the Mexicans are leaving. Google it, there are a couple of articles.
click here

Shane Mosley Vs Ricardo Mayorga

look at the clock, it should have ring a few seconds before the fight ended.... booooooo... boooooooo.....

Boxing Sucks
nah,, but it was close to the bell,

Lady Luck Vs Reece Steele WSOHH Battle

Eness Vs Mysonne...

Some one send me, Eness is part

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Keshan Knocks Out E6

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New Segment and we call it "Whats Wrong With This Picture"

thats alot of eyeliner... thanks to illseed and allhiphop.com... I had to laugh at this one... I laughed pretty hard...

Heltah Skeltah - Ruck N Roll

Maino Interview Talks About New York

Detroit Tigers Vs Cleveland Indians

Reece Steele snatches Lady Lucks mic.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Game States GUnit is Dead

Notorious (Movie Preview)

Jazmine Sullivan BackStabbers

Old News, But for those who dont know, if you been living under a rock

Maino talks about his Life

Ludacris inducted into the Atlanta Music Hall Of Fame...

Congrats to Luda, His new album is dropping soon and movies. keep checking...

Monday, September 22, 2008

12oz Prophet, What has it become...

12oz started off as the illest graff mag on the market, then it moved to the net. I admit I thought it was a good idea at first, but then I saw the light. I realized that it no longer took long nights of writing to get your fame. Now you could do a few fill ins, a few dope peaces, and your in. I see more and more cats getting props that never even bombed a wall illegally. Its disgusting, how these cats get massive amounts of shine and they never put in work. I know artists that went all city several times and didn't get the light of day these dudes are getting. I'm not mad that the younger generation has this tool. Just that they are not using correctly. 90 percent of the time they are hating on each other, or beefing, or just posting ugly ass shit. Graff writers have a monumental fight ahead of them and instead of rising to the challenge. We are out there fighting and killing each other. I know I had my share of fights and beefs. But time needs to change, we need a new direction, work together and all things are possible. I would also like to mention the amount of visibility you can get from unwanted areas. I retired a long time ago, so I'm not worried. But some of these younger writers freely give to much information. Stop the bullshit and think for one second. I cant blame 12oz for this situation, at least they gave us a platform to shine. Its older graff writers not returning knowledge to the young ins. I'll share a lil I just hope it doesnt fall on deaf ears.

JHood responds to Jadakiss

Max B claims he punched Jim Jones

Lady Luck Vs Reece Steele

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mike Brown from Nasa speaks on discovery of new planets

The 10th planet approaching, Do You Believe Nibiru exists.

The Name of the Tenth Planet is Eris.
Read more about it...
It seems nasa has discover three more dwarf planets.
Nasa discovers tenth planet.

Click Here For Story

More Details about Nibiru
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Travis Barker and DJ AM survive tragic plane crash

4 people on the plane are confirmed dead, Barker and DJ AM are currently in critical condition. Our prayers go out to them and the families of those lost. Lets all send are best wishes,

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Meagan Fox Photoshoot

Meagan Good Nipple Slip

THAT WAS NOT A SLIP, SHE OPENED HER SHIRT.... whoaaaaa... She needs attention

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Janet Jackson, and the luckiest fan in the world

Why Couldn't this be ME?????? WWWWooooWWWWWW

RKelly B.E.T Interview...

fuck R Kelly, I agree with Funk Flex, someone needs to punch this retard in the face and more than once.
the Pied Piper, isnt that the dude that took all the kids away. Fuck this sick pervert

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Man spits on Black Isrealite

Skull Gang, Juelz Santana

Philadelphia Coalition

Big Joe Speaks about 70g's, Juelz, Camron, Dipset

JadaKiss Disses J Hood

Myssone VS ENess

Spreading Support to Staten Island... AC at the Knitting Factory

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Graff Video... Doug StompDown

A short Intermission... Tupac (Only God Can Judge Me)

Webbie is in some Deep Shit...

The story involves a high speed car chase, a car accident that left some passengers injured. The driver continued on till they abandoned the car in a walmart. The police claim Webbie was the driver and he was arrested for eluding police and assault charges. Im sure he will be charged with other crimes due the accident and reckless driving. This is crazy this is breaking news, we still dont know if any of this is true.

Monday, September 15, 2008

More Flicks from The Back To School Extravaganza in Albany Times Union Center

So this is what went down on Saturday September 13th, 2008 out in Albany at the Union Times Center. About 7:30am I get a call from Heks from The Primary Media Group. Next thing I know we are lost in Jersey, going south while trying to get to Albany. But we correct our mistake quickly and get on the road again. A few hours later we arrive at the hotel and meet with Chemistry. The concert was held under extreme secrecy, only those with true connects could get in. Nah, truth is this concert was not promoted correctly leaving a lot of people upset, especially the Team organizing the concert.

Altho the concert was filled with mega stars, the arena was only filled to half its capacity. First to bat was the Rap Group "Chemistry", (Sif, and DNyce). I had never seen them before and was interested to see some of Hip Hops new school take the stage. They performed several hard hitting tracks and got the crowd amped up for the next performer to hit the stage.
Colby O'donis came out to the delight of all the young teenage girls in the audience. DJ Clue was in the building watching from the back stage. I decided it was time to take a smoke break before the next sets took stage. LL Cool J took the stage and showed everyone why he has lasted 13 albums and still going. The man killed it as he performed old and new songs from his selection of hits. We hope LL likes the I AM NY shirt we gave him. Meanwhile everyone is still waiting for 50 to get in the building. Chilling in the cut recording the Street Heat DVD was Will C. I got to build with Will C, who is one of my favorite instrumental cd producers. Check back for some updates on that coming real soon. By this time I was exhausted from trying to keep up with the team from The P.M.G (Heks, JenDog, and Ralphyboy). These guys did work recording and taking pictures for everyone in the building. JenDog caught some amazing shots of all the performers. The video will be included in the upcoming video "Make the Music" by The P.M.G. ahemmm, Plug!!!

Back to the story, and damn is she fine. Keysha Cole was in the Building, wowwwwww, is all I can say. She gave a great performance. But just before she gave us that great show, she had a few words for the band and technicians. "I am Not a Rapper", her levels were way to high they need to correct that. Keysha got that handled in a few second, and showed everyone why shes a professional singer. Next I heard Neyo was in the building, but it was hard to see him. His a lil dude, like tiny, like somebody might step on him if they dont watch theyre steps. But he danced on stage and made the girl sweat it out in the audience. The show was tight and he seemed bothered by the lack of audience participation. Not to mention the technical difficulties that took place during his set and after.

Was 50 cent even in the building yet, yeah, there he is with 30 other cats from GUnit. 50 was in his room the whole time, no one could get near him. But Lloyd and Yayo came out to show love and chop it up with the press and people in the halls. Lloyd Banks took some time out to do a drop for "Make the Music DVD". Wondering around the building was Flava Flav and his kids. His kids seemed excited to meet many of the artists. Flava Flav was the life of the party, he was social and friendly with everyone. Now it was just about time for GUnit to take Stage, Fifty had the guards clear everyone out, he didn't want to be bothered with people. So he, the security, and 30 of his boys walked to the stage. JenDog, Ralphy, Heks and I followed in with the cameras. The crowd went nuts like watching Hulk Hogan take the stage at a wrestling match. Lmao, fifty did his thing, performing track after track after track after track... You get the point. They Shut the show down, and then Gunit left the stage, left the building and everyone else did too. Time for the after party.

ALL PHOTO's PROVIDED BY THE P.M.G and JenDog, to view more of here work visit www.myspace.com/ilovejendog

Mr.13, Heks, Members of Chemistry and RalphyBoy with the camera

Big Homie Flava Flav

Keysha Cole

LL Cool J

G Unit



Sunday, September 14, 2008

Albany Times Union Center September 13, 2008

We are about to post up some exclusive shit, no other site has. But heres a taste of what went down.
Off of this is 50, remember I was there along with The Primary Media Group. Holla if you hear me....

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Game Dominated Bow Wow....

The score was like 55 - 23, all that talking shit and Bow Wow couldnt back it up. Dayum.

Eurogang Splits From Skull Gang

You all know about Juelz Santana getting robbed in England, and the beef over some money for promotions and shows. Well now the members of S.A.S have official deaded Juelz. They will no longer work or deal with him on any level. In the meantime Juelz is working with Skull Gang and new music is expected soon.

Recreating the Big Bang, and a Black Hole On Earth, Must READ

Scientists are planning to recreate the big bang in order to better understand the origins of our universe. It sounds extremely dangerous and will go down tomorrow. A black hole on earth, do some research this is outrageous.
click here

Friday, September 5, 2008

Lil Wayne Disses Paparrazi,

Joel Ortiz Freestyle on Live


Someone get this kid a security team, before he gets killed... SERIOUS

Akon Punches Chick at Concert

Akon Punches Chick Out At Concert - Watch more free videos
this man just doesnt learn,

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Rick Ross, Interview,

WTF is wrong with Rick Ross, He's snitching on his self, for what, he needs to watch what he says...


Bang Bang Boogie - Ghost Town

Kanye's Band Fucks up at Nike Event

truth is why was he singing... dayum

Floyd Mayweather's Robbed of 7 Million in Jewels...

Yup thats right,,,, 7 MILLION IN JEWELS...
Click Here for the tale of the Tape

Soulja Boy Gay Sex Tape... WTF

There are rumors floating around of a gay sex tape and pics of Soulja Boy getting sucked off by a male groupie. WTF, WTF, you heard me WTF....
not sure if this is true, but we will be digging
once again, WTF....

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Jinx Da Juvy Shot In The Head

He was involved in some situation that went down in Brownsville Brooklyn New York. He's alive and recovering, we wish him the best.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Reckless and SOHH comments on D Blocks New Album

Yeah I read sohh blogs, sometimes they are on point sometimes they are way off base.

Go Cop The New Album but check out the weak comments from SOHH

Oprah Winfrey, Kanye West, Mary J Blige, and Forrest Witaker

Belly 2 starring The Game

September 2008 - The 4th Quarter

Its the end of the year, so whats are you getting ready for. Its Jordan Time, its time to get paid and get ready for 09 Bitches.

DaCypha is working on the DVD and Mixed CD Revolution Radio bot due out in December for your stocking stuffers.
and Get your I AM NY and expanding to other cities soon.