Saturday, March 29, 2008

Freeky Zeeky Video...


The Game - Thanks, For Speaking the Truth about the White Rapper Show

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Trina new track Lil Wayne Diss

Hillary Clinton, Latino Midget, Comedy....lmao

Remi Ma... Convicted.. Today March 27th,

Remi Ma has been Convicted and Found Guilty of the Charges brought against her. She might face 25 years in jail for Attempted Murder, Aggrivated Assault, Witness Tampering, and other charges. Damn, She might be Hip Hop's best female lyricist, and now she's going down. stay tuned for details on her sentencing...
click here for more details

The World Of Diddy

He is vindicated, the L.A times has issued an apology for the story they ran concerning the Tupac Shooting in New York City. In other news, Diddy Settles his lawsuit for bitch slapping someone. He is also making his grand return to the WMC, stay tuned for the pics of his big Party. Last but not least, Danity Kane tops the charts with there new release. Gotta love it, that is today's rap up on Diddy. tune in again, for another episode of The World Of Diddy. More Money, More Problems....

T.I expected to Plead Guilty

T.I is expected to plead guilty today for the Weapons Charges he caught last year. He is expected to complete 1500 hours of community service, speak at various youth events, and 12 months in jail. Not bad considering he was facing a whole lot more for his involvement.

The Economy.... Down Market...

The say hold your money, America is going down.... Don't listen, its a lie.
This is the best time to invest, Real Estate prices are going to drop, Stock prices are going to drop.
Buy Cheap, wait till shit gets right, and then sell. Don't let the news fool you, this is when the rich get richer
and the poor get poorer.....

Rest In Peace Cavlar.... Gunned Down On The Streets Of Brooklyn

Its another sad story that we hear all to often. Cavlar was killed in Brooklyn Tuesday Morning, while stopping to speak with a promotor. His current beef with Uncle Murder is said to be the reason behind this hit, but who knows. All speculation will be left to the cops. We featured a Cavlar video on here just a few weeks back, its straight nuts to hear this.
check his myspace page

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Joe Budden Tapping Gloria Velez...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Fat Joe's Funeral,, 50 is buggin

Ricky Ross is the Biggest Boss This Week

Beating out Snoop and Fat Joe, Ricky Ross is the number 1 album on the charts this week.

Bush's Lil Bush


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What would you do with 500 Billion Dollars

Bush spent on a war in Iraq,

Tupac still making Headlines...

Today I woke up and found Tupac named plastered everywhere, and not because of the anniversary of his death. But because the L.A Times ran an article linking Jimmy Henchmen and Diddy to his murder. In other stories, they linke Ronald Tenard Washington to JMJ's death and are saying he was also involved in Pac's murder. I'm not sure what all this is about or if it is true. But once again, if you dont have solid facts and proof then its all speculation and very suspect. Dont buy into the propaganda. More to Follow

Garcia - I am

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

More Testimony.. Winter Soldier

Winter Soldier... Soldiers Testifying against the Military

America Feels The Economic Crush..

Winter Soldier, more Marines Testify

Rick Ross Interview

Lil Wayne Hit With A Bottle

Lil Wayne Hit by bottles at a show in London, it is said the crowd went wild and mad fights broke out.

Awww shit,, classic BBoying.. lmao

Lo Lifes, Learn the Origins of the Lo Steez

Lo didnt start with Kanye,,,,

and Ralph is from Da Boogie Down Bronx...

Wasted Tax Money, Staten Island Fish in Boat Terminal

What the fuck, you hike up the fee's of the train, so you can place stupid fucking fish in a terminal for boats.
Fuck you New York City, Get your priorities straight.. link below for this dumb ass waste of money
click here

Diddy Responds To The L.A Times Tupac Attack Story

Click Here

These things can never truly be confirmed, and they only seem to be feeding the fire for more Hip Hop Wars.
Let Pac Rest In Peace and let Biggie Rest In Peace.

Paterson sworn in as New York's Governor.

Congratz, A Black Man from Harlem is not the first African American to hold this seat in New York. Congratz again, I know he didn't win by election but lets see if he makes a case for the next term. Good luck buddy, oh and he is legally blind, so all you healthy folks seating at home, get a job no excuses. Hey, and who care about the affairs him and his wife had, they worked it out. At least he wasn't paying hookers... lol...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Jim Jones, More shit about Max B and his new label deal

Fat Joe Talks about Remi Ma and Papoose

Thursday, March 13, 2008

New York City...


Taboo, Host, Marty

Graffiti,, New and Old...




Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fat Joe... Elephant in the Room out today..

I heard a couple of tracks of Joe's New CD, and he's got a lot of good material on there. Go support the Fat Man that I love to hate, lol. Nah! Seriously, I think he did his thing on this one, The 300 track is solid, the J Holiday Track is dope, and mos def the collabo with him and KRS ONE. He should his mentor some love and respect.

Fat Joe - I wont tell

The Game, Released from Jail

Source are telling us that he has not been released and that he was transferred to another prison due to his gang affiliation.
His current status has not been announced due to his gang membership. He is probably in protective custody somewhere in L.A. Who Knows?

Latino Women Locked in a Court house for 4 days

This is just fucked up shit.... this is how they treat our people.. they forgot about her.. fuck you...
new york times.....
click here

War with Iran?

check out this story.. from the Washington Post
click here

Eliot Spitzer, 80,000 on Prostitutes... dayum

Front Page of the Daily News, Big Eliot Spitzer involved in Prostitution.
Im sure his Republican enemies are loving this....

Remy Ma... Witness Testifies Against her

USA Today has the story,
click here

Juelz Santana Arrested in New Jersey.

Juelz is being charged with weapon and drugs possession. They found bullets and weed in a car outside is home, details are still unclear. I'll hit you back with more details soon. Police supposedly smelled weed coming from his car moments before entering his home in Jersey. Its winter time, how can cops smell weed coming from a car the most likely has the windows closed?

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Jay Z - I Know

Baby Maine

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KRS ONE "Self Construction" Feat Game, Cassidy, Fat Joe

Jada "Welcome To The Roc"

Max B Dissing Jim Jones and Kay Slay

AC - Rae told Me.. Staten Island

New Snoop Dogg Neva Have 2 Worry

Juelz Santana speaks out about Camron

Papoose Training to fight Fat Joe (50 cent track included)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Condolences to Juvenile and his family

Its a crazy world but stories like this never cease to amaze me. Juvenile recently lost his 4 year old daughter to the hands of her own brother. Google the story for more details.