Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy Bday Tony Yayo,

Its Yayo BDay, He's probably sking those slopes right now.

DJ Quik interview with Hard Knock TV

50 Cents whip get a custom paint job

Monday, March 30, 2009

Mark Bode Montana Spray Cans

Classic collectible, these are dope.
available soon on overkill

Max B talks about Kanye West with Nore

WTF is GYT, lmao

this is funny as fuck, listen to them try to guess what GYT is,
I say its "GRAB YA TOES"
thats going to be my new song
Grab Ya Toes, and wobble, wobble.

Jenny Boom Boom interviews Bizarre part 2

Akon and abstinence

JR Writer and Hell Rell Extermination

Video City 3/30/09 Edition

Joe Buddens talks about Drake

Kaos airs out Tpain and Maino

He states that they stole his song, damn

Suge tells akon to stop snitching

Fifty 50 cent address Rick Ross in concert

Lil Wayne grinding on Keri Hilson

Method Man freestyle on GUnit Radio

Bun B UGK for Life

Jadakiss talks about 50 Cent

Max B responds to Jim Jones Frienemies track

Sunday, March 29, 2009

DaCypha Radio 9 new tracks Agallah, Jim Jones, and more

Saigon and Statik Selektah

Jim Jones on his Tour

Rick Ross in the studio

Money Cash Re Up Video

42 people arrested in Graffiti related raids in L.A

click here for the story

Soulja Boy Goes back home

JR Writer on his way to "goin in" video shoot

SXSW Cipher, Charles Hamilton, Donny Goines, and more

The Government wants control of your computer

This is crazy, this should not be allowed to pass.
They want the power to go in your computer at anytime
we are not free.

Alex Jones Two Party Dictatorship

Pharrell spazzes out on stage at show

We hear that before Pharrell freaked out a fight had popped off.
He was trying to keep the crowd under control while helping security with the barricades, one girl broke her arm during the altercation.

Nas and Damian Marley dropping an Album in June

Nas and Damian collabo, this just be the number album of the year.
For me anyway, Nas and Damian are a powerful team
this is going to be a classic
Name of the album is Distant Relatives,

Tpain involved in Golf Cart accident

We hear he has bruising and stitches on his face and he lost 4 teeth, thats just crazy, Golf carts go real slow, either way get well soon homie.

Friday, March 27, 2009

french Montana signs to Akon

Friday Hip Hop Report

Kings of New York Shake Da Cans

Jadakiss New Driver George Slice lol


Rick Ross - Luxury Tax Clothing

T.I officially sentenced

It's official T.I wont be coming home for one year, he is set to turn himself in by May 19th. Hold your head, he's lucky he got one year.
click here for more info

Camron shuts down hopes of a Dipset Reunion Album

Camron stated he would not work on an album with Jim Jones or Juelz Santana. It seems he is still upset with Jim denying they had a phone conversation. Either way he shut it down, and he states he's working on a whole new situation with a new team.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Birdman and Lil Wayne Kiss

Rick Ross - Valley of Death (50 Cent Diss)

Mike Epps Funny Bidness

Tim Westwood TV, PDC freestyles

Camron Interview, talks about Jim Jones

This is before Jim reached out on Hot 97, still looking for Cam reply to the olive branch

Perez Hilton Parodies Elton John

Rockefeller drug laws challenged, NY POST

Jim Jones and Lady H and a Big Bag of ????

I need me a pillow like that... lmao

Game Challenges Bow Wow to another Game of Football

Looks like Bow Wow still owes Game some money

Raekwon Video Shoot

Bizarre of D12 interviews with Jenny Boom Boom

Red Cafe next to knock out Suge Knight

Victor over the Rockefeller Drug Laws

Russell Simmons has been at the forefront of this movement, and yesterday held a protest in front of Gov. Patersons office.
here is an article stating the possible changes.
Click here

Juelz Santana talks about haters and bloggers

Tupac's Sister talks about Hip Hop and about Pac

Diva Speak Tv episode 46

T.I prepares for Jail...

We see you tip, good luck homie

Big Boi talks about Gucci Mane and Soulja Boy

Kanye West forgets lyrics to Good Life Twice, lol

lol, rare Kanye West fuck up

Hilary Clinton warns North Korea

Isreali use of Shells a War Crime

Young Nate Vs Mic Phenom

Suge Knight accused of Home Invasion/ Robbery

An affiliate of Akon has accused Suge Knight of sending men to his home to collect a debt. The men are said to have robbed the man of money and jewelry. It is unclear if these allegations are true, but rumors are floating. Crazy story, but Chris Walker give this information to TMZ.

City of Sacramento plans to shut down Tent City

They plan to move them into shelters, lets hope that is true. These people have lost enough due to the financial crisis, I would hate to see them run off just for the sake of looking good. Seems the City of Sacramento was to happy with the airing of Oprah's tent city episode. Fix the problem, dont just move it else where.
click here

Flo Rida wanted for Rabbit killing

This has got to be a joke, but I hear Flo rida is wanted for killing a rabbit.
Two men on his bus were seen killing a rabbit, now the Cops want to question
Flo Rida about the situation.
Really, that is weird?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Joe Buddens, Joell Ortiz, Crooked I, Royce da 5'9, Slaughter House Move On

U God In Williamsburg Brooklyn

Going to peep that, tonight, be back with the review.

Kelis's Baby Bump

Here's a pic of the mother to be.
This will be Nas's second child.

Slim Thug "I Run" feat Chamillionaire, and Z-Ro

MTA Doomsday has arrived for New York City

Major hikes in rates, and cuts to services. Dayum, sounds like the 1970's all over again.
Click here

Kim Kardashian on The cover of Complex

Jim Jones speaks with Funk Master Flex about Camron

E40 cut his dreads

Pharrell trying to get some McDonalds in Paris

Pharrell Gets Shut The Fuck Down By McDonalds

Tim Westwood talking shit on his show

Stompdown Graffiti and The Necro Riot

David Banner clears up his comments about Black women with Kendra G

SXSW Cipher, Mistah Fab, UNI, Balance, Exile, Trackademiks

Jim Jones court date postponed

Jim Jones court date postponed till April 21st, 2009
Jim is facing misdemeanor assault charges.

Timberland sues BlackGround Music Label

Timberland is suing Blackground Music, because they tried to sabotage his career.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Video on boo boo tv, Rick Rose Exposed

Fat Joe Back In The Bronx

Redd Eyezz speaks about Smitty, Rick Ross, and 50 cent

Sneak attack Volume 2

Ray J's girls exposed, GirlTalkNYC

Gucci Mane In Concert

Volcano's Erupting Worldwide

One Erupted in Tonga, an underwater Volcano
another in Alaska and one a week ago in Columbia.

Walking Blog Jump off TV #28

Tim Westwood and Dj Drama

Diva Diva Ya ep 3 feat Quest Love and Peter Rosenberg

Jim Jones Documentary

Lil Kim on Big Boi's radio show

Lil Kim talks about The notorious Film and her portrayal.

Fight at Shawty Lo Concert in Club Crucial

Kid Cudi Un Retires, boooo,

Like we really believed you to begin with, just like Jay Z retired, just like Lupe Fiasco Retired, we are tired of rappers pulling this fake imma retire move. Just for attention, what a media whore.

TPain sued for 5 million

TPain is being sued for 5 million dollars after pulling out of a concert in Guyana. Tpain stated he pulled out of the concert due to death threats and security concerns. Sucks for TPain cause now he has to fight off this lawsuit.

Din Thomas wants to knock out Chris Brown

after a victory over lemley this weekend, Din Thomas offered his services to Rihanna. Chris Brown needs to stay out this guys way, he will crack your skull. lol.

Dame Dash wife files for Divorce

Dame Dash got married in 2005 and is already headed to divorce court. This is on top of his other financial problems which seem to be piling up.

P Diddy in Miami on P Twitty TV

Keri Hilson, Kanye West, Neyo, Knock You Down

Trick Daddy announces he is fighting lupus.

Riot at Necro Concert

A riot broke out during an abort magazine sponsored event when Necro didn't show up for his schedule performance.
Necro vehicle broke down on the way to the show, then hit more delays due to bad weather in the mountains.
more of the story here.

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Japan wins WBC Title

SXSW Kanye West, Common, and Erykah Badu

SXSW Cipher Mista Fab, Kosha Dillz, Zoin I

15 AIG Execs agree to return bonus money

Monday, March 23, 2009

Mims talks about his new album Guilt

Living the Life JD and B Cox Making a Beat

The Power Rangers, Jerkins The New Dance

Tim Westwood in Dubai

Kanye West, Kid Cudi, and Consequence at SXSW

props to hardknock tv for this footage and the rest to come

Kanye West and Perez Hilton

They make a cute couple don't they, lmao.
Perez calls Kanye a Diva, we know, we know... lol
we just want him to stop singing and get back to rapping....
Kanye is proud to be gay, oh wait, Proud of his gay friends

Click here

Omarion married to a Bi sexual stripper, whoaaaaa

what the hell is going on,
Kanye now Omarion
but O went and married his bisexual stripper lady friend.

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Slimthug interview on Thisis50

Joe Buddens gets at Juelz Santana

Joe Budden gets at Juelz Santana

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Rick Ross apologizes to the Gay Community

Rick Ross apologizes but then throws more jabs at 50, peep it

Sinsay Of Triple C "G Code"

Charlie Murphy parodies Lil Wayne

Kon Ed talks about Lord Tariq and Bang Bang Boogie

Santos Party House, friday

Party was dope
Qtip was spinning while Diddy twittered his dance routine
amongst the guest were Joe Buddens, Cassie, Fab 5 Freddy, Red Alert, and more
I got this photo off www.Vashtie.com
Fridays are popping at Santos

3 Police Officer killed in Oakland

This is crazy news, 3 cops killed, one wounded

Foxy Brown BK Anthem

Let Me Tell You Where I Grew Up At...
I came across this, hadn't heard in it minute..

New York Special Election for Congressional seat

Video City 3/12/09 Edition

Surgeon General VS Sonny Bamboo

Living the life with Jermaine Dupri

Linz and Reals "Ironlak films"

Friday, March 20, 2009

Karen Civil - Rhymefest vs Charles Hamilton part 2

The Flying Car, The Jetsons have landed

Rick Ross talks about being a Correctional Officer with Big Boi


Isnt this consider dry snitching, or snitching on yourself...
Keep your mouth shut...

Man arrested for the arrow shooting in The Bronx

Tim Westwood TV with Movement / Marvel Crew

The Friday Hip Hop Report, Jumpoff TV March 27th

Wretch spits 32 acappella on Tim Westwood

Futuristic Japanese Cars


Google Lunar X Prize

Old News For Some, new for many others

Attack of the Holograms, Diesel Liquid Fashion show

look up the cnn hologram and the will.i.am hologram videos

Pimp C Feat Lil Wayne - Lets Talk Money- 50 cent diss

Hocus 45th talks about the Rick Ross situation

Gucci Mane New Track - Faces

Felix Da Housecat and Diddy on Diddy TV

Rocsi wants to be an actress, Interview

Stompdown Graffiti

Thursday, March 19, 2009

RhymeFest talks about Charles Hamilton on Karencivil.com

Police Brutality in Meriden CT

Mysonne addresses the Rick Ross/ 50 Cent beef

I fuck with bang bang boogie, they got some dope spittaz.
Its crazy how they got thrown in the middle of this.

Happy BDay Bun B

Thats right its big homie's Bday, so we just wanted to wish the Hip Hop Legend the best.

Kanye West and Keri Hilson On Set

Look at Keri in that tight lil outfit, Kanye is the man... lol

Montana Cans, Tuff City Store

Jim Jones Interview with Jenny Boom Boom

Nike Air Force II High Nintendo Wii Pack

Heres q peak at these new sneakers, they look pretty dope,

Rick Ross Interview on Hard Knock TV and calls 50 Gay

Soulja Boy The Crocodile Hunter

New York Group 1 Graffiti Video

Cornbread Gets At Rick Ross

10 Deep's New Collection Hits stores March 20th

10DEEP Spring '09 "Nineteen Ninety Now" from 10 Deep on Vimeo.
take a look at it by clicking here

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

DaCypha Radio 8 Feat Squeegie O and Legacy Starr

DaCypha Radio 8 Feat: Squeegie O and Legacy Starr

Plea talks underway for the Jena 6

Brasco Feat Lil Chuckee "Get Yours" on DaCypha TV

GirlTalkNYC speaks BooBoo TV

Kanye West and his manager are facing Criminal Charges

Kanye is seen above shooting at paparazzi.. take that, lmao

Kanye has been charged with various misdemeanors for the altercation that took place in L.A.X.
He is scheduled to be arraigned on April 14th, if convicted he can face up to 2 years in jail. Wow,
He'll most likely get off with a fine, and you know dude is probably already suing.
Click Here For More Information

EOW on MTV 2

Mike Epps and Funk Master Flex Interview

Diva Speaks Episode 45

Amber Rose Talks Sex and a Few new photos

Amber Rose seems to be on the wild side, just look at her she looks like a freak. awww shit,
Click Here

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Mos Def new album is coming out this Summer "The Ecstatic"

For many Mos Def fans its been a long wait, but the wait is almost over.
Mos is set to drop another gem on ya this summer.
Stay tuned for more info
two new tracks on his myspace page
click here

Rest In Peace King Tut from the 730 Dips

R.I.P King Tut, reports state he committed suicide when the cops tried to take him into custody.

Uno The Prophet - A Millie - Straight Fire

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Joe Buddens Girl Finds a Phone in his whip...

Sara Jane Olson Released From Jail

Frienemies, By Jim Jones


T.I sends a message to the Nation Of Islam

Gucci Mane's First Interview

BootCamp Click had NO IDEA One Nation was going to drop

WOW, This is straight from www.AllHipHop.com
check it out

Kid Cudi retiring after this album

Didnt Lupe Fiasco pull this same shit, whats up with these cats signed to Kanye.
You cant handle the pressure, My dude nothing comes easy if it did everyone would do it.
Don't quit, simple as that.

50 Cent and Fallout Boy On Tour... What an Unlikely Couple

thats word, its an unlikely and unexpected match, but 50 is going on tour with Fall Out Boys.
The also plans on dropping two albums this year, all while destroying multiple careers and acting on
different skits as pimping curly.

50 stays on the grind, dude works mad hard.

Tupac's Mom suing Morgan Creek over Pac's Bio Pic

We have all been waiting for Tupac Bio Pic, and his mom is doing everything she can to get this movie created. She recently filed a counter suit against Morgan Creek, how has tried to block her from creating the flick with another movie house. Send letters to Morgan Creek letting them know that they should drop their lawsuit and let Amaru Shakur get Tupac picture finished.
Click Here

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Thanks to our contributors we are becoming one of the most viewed blogs on the net.
Thanks to all our readers, who send in articles and rumors and comment on our postings.
We thank all of you from the Fans to the haters.

much lover

2000 posts coming soon,
We are taking Puffy modo and running with it
Cant Stop Wont Stop


Monday, March 16, 2009

Trick Trick Shot at Jim Jones Concert

According to reports rapper Trick Trick was shot when an altercation broke out in Detroit with Jim Jones's entourage. He was recently seen in a video claiming no rappers are allowed in Detroit with out Tricks permission. Maybe someone wanted to show him they don't need his permission to go to Detroit. Either way, this is wild shit, cats just keep getting shot.

The Obama Deception

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Part 11

Part 12

Beanie Sigel and Max B in the Studio

God Damn Beans is crushing this shit

Dirtbag disses Rick Ross, Cool and Dre, Plies, and DJ Khaled

Gucci Mane is Home,

Sunday, March 15, 2009

50 Cent Pimping Curly Episode 6

Saturday, March 14, 2009

K.A.R responds to 50 Cent

Asher Roth Freestyles on Tim Westwood

im not feeling this at all, im sorry, whats up with this kid...

I picked him to be the next great white hope,
Im disappointed

Frank 151 Todd Nisbet Gottaeat.com

check out the Frank 151 line, and my homie Todd Nisbet

Welcome Home John Forte