Friday, November 6, 2009

Rihanna's Interview

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Anonymous said...

This was a really powerful interview. Violence should never be tolerated from a man or a woman, but even if she had hit him first, what he did was excessive, brutal, disgusting, and went far beyond the fine line of self defense. I'm so happy Rihanna has enough character to care about the affect she has on other women because the personal is political, and even if you're not a celebrity your actions touch people in ways you may not realize. You never know who's watching your every move and looking up to you as a role model. I'm also happy she broke her silence because, as we all know, "...silence is violence in women and poor people." I'm sure she has touched and, more importantly, helped more than a few women AND men who needed a little bit of courage and encouragement to break out of a bad situation. My view of her has definitely been changed for the better.