Monday, September 7, 2009

12/21/2012 is 1199 days away....

Ok we are starting the official count down for 12/21/2012, per our calculations we are now 1,199 days away. Please feel free to correct us if we are wrong. We plan to bring you facts and stories concerning this historic date. Our current fact is that according to mayan calculations the last time we entered into "The Precession Of The Equinox Cycle" was 26,000 years ago. Somewhere around that same time 23,000 b.c we entered into our last ice age.

Do The Math


Anonymous said...

I am very glad and proud to be the first to comment on your great page. it is state of the art and I will be using your page to keep me
updated and in touch with these days that will unfold.

May we look to these days with intent and not fear. As a spiritual man I am with hope and desire for a better world. so, i am looking into the future with a glass half full attitude. said...

Where are happy to hear that you will follow our updates and encourage everyone to submit any information pertinent to this date. Thank you once again, and we look forward to hearing more from you.

Anonymous said...

As The Clock Ticks Down

December 21st 2012 is getting closer day by day

The prophets and oracles have had a lot to say

But what do you say or feel about our demise

Does it cause you to fear or a sign to the wise

I live with the thought; your last day is just that

You last breathe, thought, or memory is not yet

So live with resolve to gain and have content

Peace and joy to fill your soul, less fear prevents

That date will come and go, but we may not

Destiny may fill or not what they say is our lot

In the end of whatever is to come we need not fear

We came knowing in a spirited way without a tear

Spend what time you have rediscovering life

With your family and friends, as I do with my wife

See this time as an awakening to reinvent living

To share with others the love to others in your giving

We came knowing so let’s get on defining our end

Whether the day comes sooner or later, what God lends

My hope is Source allows me to be healthy and around

When that moment comes as the clock ticks down

Anonymous said...

Why Hold To This Fear

Tick! Tick! The clock moves its small hands
People asking what will happen as they band
People wondering will this be the end of us
Others laugh and say what can be all the fuss

People caught up in this living as to what end
Lost in spirit as to what they are or what to tend
Man so religious they have no spirit to see within
That they are spirit eternal lassoed by ego’s trend

If the end comes we will go on defining eternality
To another place and time in physicality of reality
Spiritual essence caring beyond what we bear
Let go of ungodly realms, why hold to this fear

Anonymous said...

I want to thank you for allowing my poetic thoughts to balance and give mindful consideration of God's

In these difficult times as
we advance in technology how we are weakened by all of it.

Anonymous said...

What’s Next

In this economic atmosphere how is the mind to cope

Hanging from a lifeline that seems precarious as a rope

Wondering if I let go will I it be better or will I be around

Will the bottom be there which I cannot see that bounds

We are toys of Mans ideology and what they plan for us

Leaving little for the individual to understand or trust

They work you to plan your future then they take it away

In a moment what was is no longer that wakes a dark day

So, I am asking , is this what you really want to believe

Can I walk on, turn from this nightmare and truly leave

Yes, but, it will seem impossible at first, life will perplex

Just know you can, asking within your soul, what is next

Anonymous said...

Never More Retreating

In the beginning Source in the dark turned on the light

In that moment tranquility was changed to a cosmos fight

Transforming a place that looms still this day of order chaos

In that instant the clock started ticking for all of creation and us

What transcends from that day to now is what was planned

An order out of confusion working for the good of what is manned

From one side of the universe to the other God is and will be forever

Seeking from within us and through us wanting to leave us never

How and why can only be explained through a word we call love

A word that holds us to a great degree beyond a caring beautiful glove

To know internally that He is there gives me hope of that final meeting

That I in Him and God in me will live as one, our Spirit never more retreating

Anonymous said...

Three Blind MIC(e)

A story of truths with a different tale to spin

The characters are not mice but blinded men

They are three in one, or better one as three

For they work together leaving Man not free

The first is a cohort of greedy money hordes

Where money is their lasting and only reward

A web they have weaved throughout this planet

From every small detail the whores have planned it

The second group of men is a product of ugly war

They devise a way to profit from its killing gore

Planning to manufacturing the latest death device

Giving governments a newer and better to entice

The third group is the youngest to arrive on the scene

They invent new chemicals/machines charging so obscene

Without insurance you are left pointed to the exit door

Medicine is a Macy, Dillard, or Kmart choice of chemical store

Medical Industrial Complex example runs our health

Monetary Industrial Complex example controls our wealth

Military Industrial Complex example shows us how to kill

Three blind mice of insatiable greed that shows us our ills

Anonymous said...

Just Take A Moment

At any moment there are riches to be found

In the next corner a breakthrough is bound

The message of a dream gives you new insight

To revive the intent of spirit to carry on the fight

The light at the end of the tunnel can be in reach

As darkness holds on, the emerging light will teach

Come what may, the hour will come when it is clear

What seems impossible, hope claims away from fear

In life there are many times we cannot see the ending

But, we will go on with a knowing that needs tending

So find a time during each day to reflect life’s living

Just take a moment to cherish it and not its misgiving

Anonymous said...

My name is Garey, I want to thank you again for allowing me to spread some balance on this upcoming date with a postive spin.

I use to be a half empty glass guy.But in time God the Source of all there is, changed me from the inside out. Example I use to weigh 332 pounds. I took 10 pills a day for various illnesses and was truly a mess.

As time went on I did the 2012 investigation and yes I do believe something will happen.

But in the end if what happens is worst of my thoughts, then it will be. But, my soul and spirit(they are not the same), they will not and cannot have. It has one owner and it even isn't me.

Thus I will not and cannot give into fear. For I walked out from that shadow of ego about three years and counting.

Been there done that. God, if one truly believes in this Perfect Source, then why would I fear. He made you and me in spirit,you and me are in that image. Thus if He is truly the author of love then fret not, in love you are made whole and in time you will return whole.

I use to be a bible believing Christian, but, now my Jesus is my guide and not my door. Man use man to manipulate, control, and steal what is theirs by the birth right of a spirit being essence of God. The Catholics ,Jews, and yes the Islamic faith are users of Man to gain power and money.

Christ as an advanced soul came to light another path for all man.

2012 is at the end of the age. If he comes back then great. If not then what he said is and will carry light into that new age.

Man cannot be trusted. Only God is good said my Guide.

As of 9/25/2009, I am 185 lbs. and down to 1 pill a day. Not perfection but a whole lot better.
I speak and live with hope instead of dispair, love rather than disgust, kindness not uncaring.
So again I thank you for this opportunity to give to anyone who would hear and let the spirit inside see a different view of this whole thing.

Anonymous said...

Garey here, error found
Man use man to manipulate, control, and steal what is not theirs by the birth right of a spirit being essence of God.


GP said...

If my calculation is correct, the Date 12-04-2009 will be a target date for those who would make a terrorist statement.

It would be 1111 days to 12-21-2012.

Here is another fact, 11 years and 101 days from 9/11/2001 to 12/21/2012. Thus 11 11 if you get my drift.

Anonymous said...

If I am right, they (the govt.)know it too. For as simple as I am to figure it out, how hard is it to do so.

As was the longitude of NYC and Madrid. so figuring out where they will strike again run the grid line around the world.

My hope they (govt.) will find them before it is too late.